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6 Ways To Successfully Market Your Business During A Crisis

What a year! We are only halfway into the year 2020 and it’s proven to be one of the most historic years of our lifetime. From the passing of Kobe Bryant to the Coronavirus pandemic to crippling police brutality.

This has certainly been a time for us all to learn new things and adopt a new way of living. Unemployment numbers soared and many working professionals have been left jobless and frustrated. How has this all been affecting businesses big and small? If you guessed dramatically, you’re correct. Quarantine guidelines not only forced us to lock our doors but it closed our wallets.

Unless you happen to be an essential business, your customers disappeared. This may have left you between a rock and a hard place trying to generate revenue and marketing your business. Who could blame them? Advertising unessential products or services to customers as we all tried to dodge a global plague just seemed insensitive.

Just as states were gradually reopening, recent headlines concerning the Black Lives Matter Movement placed businesses in many communities on even stricter curfews as they braced for protests. It’s safe to say that owners have been tested, but especially local small businesses.

Here are 6 tips on how to market your business during a crisis.

1. Hone Your Target Audience

This generation of buyers needs constant stimulation and entertainment. In essence, meet your audience where they are. This is your time to engage with your people, and share how issues are affecting your business and how you plan to address them. How can your products or services help them? Why should they continue to shop with you? Change your perspective and get creative.

2. Communication is Key

What you say to your audience is crucial. Find ways to stay in touch with your audience by sending emails and keeping the lines of communication open. Be transparent about any changes that your company is taking to adapt to social distancing guidelines or early curfews. Reassure them that you are genuinely concerned about their health and safety. Take this opportunity to build a friendly rapport with your customers.

3. Take a Stance

Let’s face it. When it comes to politics everyone has an opinion, but not everyone shares it. Because we live in the era of "cancel culture" your marketing can make or break you at this critical time. These are very sensitive subjects, so your social posts should be well thought out and compassionate. Share how you are making changes to your company’s environment. This is a time to relate to your customers and let them know that you are aware of the current climate.

4. Optimize Multiple Channels

Analyze insights from each social platform that you use. Pay attention to how your audience responds and what content receives the most engagement. This is your time to learn your audience by researching their trends, behaviors, and what they like.

5. Create Useful Content

The past few months have been hard. As we watch our essential worker heroes risk their lives every day, many people want to know how they can help. This is a great time to share important food drive dates, updates on where to get free testing, where to pick up supplies, protest events, etc. Be active in your community as much as possible.

6. Roll Up Your Sleeves

Think of ways that you can serve the community. Posting is one great thing, but participating is another. Help serve our first responders and medical workers by buying them lunch, offering supplies, or volunteering your services where possible. Offer incentives to customers to thank them for their continued support. This is a time to do your part in the community.

2020 has been eventful, to say the least, but it isn’t over yet. By using the circumstances around you and getting more creative with the way you market your business, you have the opportunity to reach new supporters and hit the refresh button. This is the time to stand out in the crowd and become memorable.

For more information on how we can help you navigate your marketing strategy during a crisis, contact us at TeamRMC@rebirth.marketing.

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