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Diversity in Marketing Matters

Unless you have been living under a rock the past couple of years, then you know that diversity in advertising is essential. Consumers want to see themselves represented across all forms of media, and they want to know that they matter.

As the world seeks to understand the current Black Lives Matter Movement, business owners are trying to educate themselves on how to respectfully represent people from all walks of life. Here’s how you can do the same and why inclusion should be on your list of things to implement.

Hire a Diverse Team

Having an array of different people on your team provides you with a great perspective. Not only should you hire African Americans, but your staff should consist of people of different ethnicities, races, genders, religions, cultures, backgrounds, etc. Generally, in marketing, misrepresentation and mistakes are avoidable if your team is diverse and open dialogue is welcome.

According to Forbes Magazine, “...when a marketing or public relations campaign falls flat, many times it’s because diversity and inclusion weren’t part of the equation.” Don’t sell your brand short by not hiring people that can give you insight at inception, helping you execute the best possible campaign.

Remember Your Consumer

Knowing your target audience, their heritage, and what’s important to them will help you create the best messages to reach them. This intentionality will help you avoid culturally insensitive mistakes and ultimately save you time and money.

Think! When your team is brainstorming a campaign strategy, some questions that should be answered are: “Is our message offensive?” and “Does the message resonate with our audience?” If a diverse team is not present, you may miss the mark, and that could be costly for you and your client.

While many people are struggling to implement the use of diversity in their marketing tactics, many are embracing it. Today, more than ever, representation matters. Audiences are fed up with the norm. Our country is going through several changes right now, and businesses have a spotlight on them. Whether you decide to move forward with the times is purely up to you, but remember that the very consumers you depend on are watching. How do you want your business to be viewed?

What side of history will you stand on?

For more information on how we can help you navigate your marketing strategy contact us at TeamRMC@rebirth.marketing.

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