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Respond Fast and Appropriately


Customer reviews can play a key role in shaping the reputation of a business, especially in the online space. Many buying decisions are partially based on what other customers think and say, which is the classic case of perception is reality. Customer perception can make or in some cases break a business, therefore, responding to reviews is the most proactive path to ensure you influence perception of your customers by properly replying to reviews.

Reviews can provide a boost of confidence for your business by showing that your brand is trustworthy and allowing a real-life experience to paint a picture. Good reviews are easy - express your gratitude by using engaging responses and you’ll build a loyal group of supporters.

Conversely, bad reviews do happen and one of the worst things you can do is ignore them.

Here are a few “Do’s” should you find yourself faced with a negative review:

  1. Acknowledge the review whether good or bad.

  2. Respond with a sense of urgency.

  3. Ask questions! There may be something you can learn and implement in your business plan to change future customers perspective.

  4. Work to resolve.

In addition, show empathy and sincerity to hopefully find a swift resolution because eyes are watching how you handle each review. Your message should be authentic, well thought-out and demonstrate that you care.

Basically, it’s about taking action on negative reviews and reinforcing positive ones. If you need assistance in handling your online reputation, please contact us!

Don't hesitate, respond!

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